Skype and how it has changed Communication

Skype has changed communication

What would the business or personal lives be without Skype as a communication tool? Well it is unimaginable to not have Skype on our computers and now also on Smart devices. A decade ago the amazing application was released by two Estonian developers introducing free internet based phone service. The new thing was video calling which was a boon for many families who lived thousands of kilometers apart and traditional phone calls was expensive mode to communicate.

More so the popularity of Skype is such that more than 3 million minutes of VoIP calling and messaging is done through this application. This is just the free service. It was so popular that it was bought over by Microsoft and has almost replaced other Messenger services. What has made Skype so popular is the face to face communication the video calling provides. It is one application which adds the human element to the technical internet.

It has also become a tool for communication and has made the whole world devoid of boundaries. There is no fear of monitoring by the government, which has made the world more democratic. The recent win of democratic forces in Myanmar owes it to Skype campaigns. Skype is indeed the communication application which is much ahead of its times and will continue to grow for at least another decade until some better disruptive technology replaces it. Change is what it has brought to the world. The best way to communicate freely at present is indeed Skype.


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