Technology : The changing face of Phones

Technology in Phones

Technology has completely changed the way people communicate. Just revisiting my school days, phones were fixed and very few people had access to them. Smartphone technology has completely transformed the way people communicate. Now you can browse the Internet while travelling thanks to mobile Internet and also talk to people across the globe. This was not possible at all just 15 years ago. The Internet and smartphones have taken communication to a completely new level in a very short period of time. Internet calling can be done from phones, with WhatsApp calls and other options like Google Talk, both of which allow international calls to be easy and cheap. The iPhone 6 has a camera that challenges most stand-alone cameras, which means cameras will become a redundant technology in the near future. So, what are we losing, despite gaining so much through being connected and being able to do so many things? Well, it is the good old days with friends, hanging out without worrying about phone calls or Facebook updates. There is no peace with 24-7 availability unless you are in a remote area with no connection. But that area is hard to find nowadays. We have to live with the invasion of privacy, but every facility comes with a cost.


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