Wrist worn equipment

Wrist worn equipment

Remember the times when phones were so big that you had to have an extra bag for them. Well, when smartphones hit the market, a bag was still necessary but it finally seems that things will change for the better. You can simply forget about the fuss of finding a place for your phone in your bag or a pocket. Don’t you worry, there will still be phones and many other technology gadgets with sizeable displays, but they will, believe it or not, be wearable. Wrist worn equipment along with other wearables is already on the market. Times really do change. Nowadays, you can buy wrist worn equipment such as smartwatches, Google Glasses, fitness trackers and other gadgets that can easily be connected to your phone via Bluetooth. Moreover, smartphone companies finally found a new, revolutionary and ergonomic design for smartphones. The new smartphones will hit the market with plastic substrate and flexible battery for easy rolling. Flexible smartphones will be quite practical too and the best thing is that you will be able to use wearables in schools. They will have all the functions the current smartphones have, but they will be more practical and bendable. They won’t lose their quality either. For more visit https://goo.gl/U37e8S.


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