Technology enabling Communication – Earphones


Last week I was visiting the local bank and came upon a very common technology which we have forgotten about. So I decided to introduce to the world the technology “earphones”. I love Chris Pratt in Guardians of the galaxy with his earphones listening to his favourite music. In many of sci-fi films, we see communication through an ear piece. It is the future of the lovely technology earphone which allows us to do many things which were not possible before its invention. We can listen our brand of music without irritating others, play video games without speakers and much more.  When I read  about it on various sites and books, the history and development were really amazing.

It is an innovation on earlier ear listening devices, the earliest being the stethoscope used by doctors. The early development saw two types of earphones (1) Used to cover the ears (2) Inserted in the ear for better sound. Using them as devices to listen to music has been done in late 1800. However, the major design innovations did not come until 1980 era. It was the era of Sony’s Walkman and with it came various designs of earphones. People wanted lighter and more comfortable earphones for the portable Walkman. Can you imagine the earphone industry grew 800% from 1985 to 1995? The finance behind the technology is very interesting and maybe worth looking at in another post,

However, these constant technological changes cost us money and technology today is changing rapidly. To keep up with the changes sometimes we might have to take out a loan, If you want to know about cash loans read more here.

Another design boom came when Apple introduced the iPod. Yes, folks earphones are closely linked to innovation in music. The white iPod earphones became a sort of status symbol. It was the best design in earphones done by Jonathan Ive. Later in 2012 Apple revised the design and named it ear pods. So this is a small technology which has changed our lives – has it affected yours, tell me if it has and how?


What are the future communication technology trends for New Zealand

Technology is emerging at a super fast rate. When it comes to future communication technology trends, last year Android’s head of design said that mobile is dead and that designing mobile-only websites is an outdated approach. In the year 2016 and beyond, web designers will take into consideration every web-enabled device that customers may use to access websites. This includes the likes of desktop PCs, smartphones and tablets as well as Smart Television. Future communication technology trends show that Apple phones are the most popular devices for communication. In fact, mobile devices, particularly smartphones are a huge part of communication, especially for millennials who are never without their smartphone. Running TouchChat on iPhones is opening up new opportunities. In fact, iPhone 8 and beyond is opening up a new world of communication because it’s geared towards those who have difficulty using their natural voice such as those with stroke conditions, autism and down syndrome. The future technology is going to enable everybody.

future technology and science fiction concept - man with digital