Technology of touch and gesture

The evolution to touch and gesture technology

Ever since Apple introduced the iPhone touch technology has been spreading like wildfire. It has replaced almost all technologies and is indeed the technology of the future. The gesture technology that has been shown in Iron Man and Avengers Movie is also improving day by day and might be available for the common people very soon. It has become the favourite with the young people and the marketers have been trying to find out the reason for pits popularity.

It is quite simple to understand the popularity as we as humans love strokes as shown in the study by Sigmund Freud. We like to touch and be touched and that is the main reason that this technology has caught up so quickly. It is making managing things very easy with less use of power. The advancement in the technology has also helped to increase security as now it is easy to integrate biometrics.  Anybody using a touch screen technology knows that it responds to touch only from fingers. How does the screen distinguish between a touch of the animate and inanimate? well, it is just advanced engineering. There are five kinds of touch technologies (1) Resistive (2) Capacitive (3) Infrared (4) Surface acoustic wave and (5) near field imaging. All these technologies are having the feature of easy to use. Is it not easy to touch a button then press it.We will understand more about the technology in the next post.


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