Communication technology for kids and how to keep them safe

Communication technology for kids is not harmful as professed in many articles. The communication technology for kids makes them learn quickly and also exposes them to the real world. The advent of smartphones has made it difficult to control the amount of exposure that kids can get. Hence, there are certain precautions that need to be taken to avoid the misuse of communication technology and help them reap benefits from it. The first step is to teach your kids the right way to behave online. Gone are the days when you could monitor their online activities, and therefore the only way is to teach them online etiquette. Kids like to play online games and should be encouraged to do so. Research has shown that Teens who play video games are better at maths. They also learn many things while browsing through the internet which is the world’s largest library. Teach them to use this library in order to enhance their knowledge. The biggest threat online is pornography which kids may end up stumbling upon due to curiosity.


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