Down syndrome communication difficulties and how to deal with them

People are individuals, you communicate differently with different people, depending on their tendencies, mood, personality and so on. People with down syndrome communication difficulties are individuals. This is critical to remember. Listen attentively, be patient. Help feel understood. Make them feel that you care about what they are saying. Good communication helps people maintain their dignity. Communicate with them about what’s happening in their lives. Take the time to get to know them. Just like you, they have very complex inner lives. Language and culture needs are to be taken into account when dealing with people with down syndrome communication difficulties. Give them the time and support to express their individual needs and preferences. Gestures and patience when communicating with people with down syndrome are extremely important. It is important that they trust you and feel safe around you. If you have a child with down syndrome, the sooner you start learning and implementing communication techniques the sooner your child will learn how to communicate better.


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