Communication Technology in the Future is Looking Amazing

Communication technology in the future
In the past few decades, we have witnessed science fiction becoming a reality in an enormous spectre, from automobiles to medicine, from computers to mobile phones. A futuristic look at science is what has driven us inventing new and amazing devices every single day, questioning everything and pushing to the natural laws limits. Is there a next level of communication? The communication technology in the future may be just around the corner. Due to the great number of rivalry in communication technology, manufacturers are pressed to invent new and better devices all the time. Rivalry and competition is a fundamental force bringing us the best of technology. What may the communication technology in the future be like? By 2017 most of us have 4G Internet connection, making communication easier than ever, sharing text, voice and video messages with just one touch of the tip of our fingers. Getting the connection to higher speeds and improving the visual communication is the next level. Soon we all will be using holograms instead of video calls, with the amazing possibility of even touching and feeling via a hologram message. Almost all shopping will be online, even for copper utensils. The future is here.


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