Technology enabling Communication – Earphones


Last week I was visiting the local bank and came upon a very common technology which we have forgotten about. So I decided to introduce to the world the technology “earphones”. I love Chris Pratt in Guardians of the galaxy with his earphones listening to his favourite music. In many of sci-fi films, we see communication through an ear piece. It is the future of the lovely technology earphone which allows us to do many things which were not possible before its invention. We can listen our brand of music without irritating others, play video games without speakers and much more.  When I read  about it on various sites and books, the history and development were really amazing.

It is an innovation on earlier ear listening devices, the earliest being the stethoscope used by doctors. The early development saw two types of earphones (1) Used to cover the ears (2) Inserted in the ear for better sound. Using them as devices to listen to music has been done in late 1800. However, the major design innovations did not come until 1980 era. It was the era of Sony’s Walkman and with it came various designs of earphones. People wanted lighter and more comfortable earphones for the portable Walkman. Can you imagine the earphone industry grew 800% from 1985 to 1995? The finance behind the technology is very interesting and maybe worth looking at in another post,

However, these constant technological changes cost us money and technology today is changing rapidly. To keep up with the changes sometimes we might have to take out a loan, If you want to know about cash loans read more here.

Another design boom came when Apple introduced the iPod. Yes, folks earphones are closely linked to innovation in music. The white iPod earphones became a sort of status symbol. It was the best design in earphones done by Jonathan Ive. Later in 2012 Apple revised the design and named it ear pods. So this is a small technology which has changed our lives – has it affected yours, tell me if it has and how?


Skype and how it has changed Communication

Skype has changed communication

What would the business or personal lives be without Skype as a communication tool? Well it is unimaginable to not have Skype on our computers and now also on Smart devices. A decade ago the amazing application was released by two Estonian developers introducing free internet based phone service. The new thing was video calling which was a boon for many families who lived thousands of kilometers apart and traditional phone calls was expensive mode to communicate.

More so the popularity of Skype is such that more than 3 million minutes of VoIP calling and messaging is done through this application. This is just the free service. It was so popular that it was bought over by Microsoft and has almost replaced other Messenger services. What has made Skype so popular is the face to face communication the video calling provides. It is one application which adds the human element to the technical internet.

It has also become a tool for communication and has made the whole world devoid of boundaries. There is no fear of monitoring by the government, which has made the world more democratic. The recent win of democratic forces in Myanmar owes it to Skype campaigns. Skype is indeed the communication application which is much ahead of its times and will continue to grow for at least another decade until some better disruptive technology replaces it. Change is what it has brought to the world. The best way to communicate freely at present is indeed Skype.

Apple Pay- The Technology and Demand

Apple Pay will replace all cards?

Apple Pay the newest technological endeavor of Apple Inc. is really fascinating. But the question is Is it going to replace the Credit Cards? The following steps taken by Apple are really promising to do so.

The Resources are with customers and investors

Apple has tied up with the major banks and financial players. But they do not hold the resources wholly. The customers are not ready to embrace this technology. They have security concerns as well about the information theft. This has been magnified with the recent incidents of fraudulent transactions. A recent news article on The Wall Street Journal has illustrated the shortcomings. The data thefts are happening mostly at retailers’ end.

Apple is acting as if the technology will succeed. That is a big assumption and may not be so. The biggest hurdle is the extra payment that needs to be done for the technology. The end-user will be concerned with the above two worrying factors.

Large companies’ growth needs are larger and not satisfied with small markets

The profit of Apple Pay will be insignificant with the current dynamics of Apple Inc. But the good thing is Apple has realized well that this technology has the future. Now it may be an insignificant market but has huge potential for growth.

The response of Apple is the same harnessing response and setting up of a separate division. Apple too acknowledges it to be a disruptive technology at the moment.

Non existing Markets cannot be analyzed

At present the market for Apple Pay is very limited. The company has done research but it is limited as it completely new technology.

However Apple is proactive in this case and has a separate group of people looking after the matter. They also have a department which is looking after the failure aspect of the technology. So, the way it is being handled, it is sure to succeed.

History of Communication Technology

Communication History

Communication has been the cornerstone for development of civilizations. The civilization with better communication technology advanced much faster. So what were major developments in communication technology. Well friends communication started when people started sending message orally from one area to another area. Let us look at the major developments.

  • Oral Announcements and Smoke signals – This was called announcements, the earliest form of communication. The person with loud voice was revered in the community as script was not yet developed. The message was preceded by sounding drums etc. Also messages were send using smoke patterns.
  • Written Communication and Coding – When writing was invented, the messages were written and distributed. Even now the message was supposed to be carried around by people. Mail delivery became an industry because of the need growing every day. Coded messages were also invented. Morse code is still used.
  • Telephone – Telephone invention by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 led to a revolution. Now messages could be spoken personally and without actual travel. It was an amazing invention.
  • Cell Phone – When I was a kid I used to wonder why the telephone could not be carried around. As I grew old I realized it was due to wires. Cell phone came with a new wireless technology. Now you could carry your phone, talk from anywhere and also send short messages.
  • Internet and computers – Internet and computers revolutionized the way written communication was being delivered. With computers and emails the mail delivery became electronic.
  • Smartphone/ tablets– Invented by Apple the smart phone really brought all technologies together. Now internet was on the phone along with emails. Soon computers would become obsolete. Technology is changing at breakneck speed.