Role of Communication Technology in the Organization

Communication is process of the sharing of the information from one person or group to the other, it can be either in verbal or non verbal way. Effective communication is an important aspect of the life for the efficient information sharing whether you are in the society or in the business environment. The growth of … Continue reading Role of Communication Technology in the Organization


Technology enabling Communication – Earphones

Last week I was visiting the local bank and came upon a very common technology which we have forgotten about. So I decided to introduce to the world the technology "earphones". I love Chris Pratt in Guardians of the galaxy with his earphones listening to his favourite music. In many of sci-fi films, we see … Continue reading Technology enabling Communication – Earphones

Skype and how it has changed Communication

What would the business or personal lives be without Skype as a communication tool? Well it is unimaginable to not have Skype on our computers and now also on Smart devices. A decade ago the amazing application was released by two Estonian developers introducing free internet based phone service. The new thing was video calling … Continue reading Skype and how it has changed Communication

History of Communication Technology

Communication has been the cornerstone for development of civilizations. The civilization with better communication technology advanced much faster. So what were major developments in communication technology. Well friends communication started when people started sending message orally from one area to another area. Let us look at the major developments. Oral Announcements and Smoke signals - … Continue reading History of Communication Technology