What are the future communication technology trends for New Zealand

Technology is emerging at a super fast rate. When it comes to future communication technology trends, last year Android’s head of design said that mobile is dead and that designing mobile-only websites is an outdated approach. In the year 2016 and beyond, web designers will take into consideration every web-enabled device that customers may use to access websites. This includes the likes of desktop PCs, smartphones and tablets as well as Smart Television. Future communication technology trends show that Apple phones are the most popular devices for communication. In fact, mobile devices, particularly smartphones are a huge part of communication, especially for millennials who are never without their smartphone. Running TouchChat on iPhones is opening up new opportunities. In fact, iPhone 8 and beyond is opening up a new world of communication because it’s geared towards those who have difficulty using their natural voice such as those with stroke conditions, autism and down syndrome. The future technology is going to enable everybody.

future technology and science fiction concept - man with digital